About Here, Us, Now

For obvious reasons, and some not so obvious, the level of trust in this country between people of different stripes has fallen to a frighteningly low level. The question is not why. We know why. Programmed by instinct to align ourselves with those like us, we, by default, exclude those unlike us. The growth of social media – like Facebook with algorithms that act to only reinforce our ideas and stoke the flames of intolerance for the opinions of others, has acted to drive us even further apart. Still, it is our implicit duty as imperfect humans, to rise above those forces that act to divide us.

And that is where Here, Us, Now comes in. Here, Us, Now is intended to be a sounding board and discussion space for people of varying backgrounds and ideas. It’s aim is to elevate the level of discourse to one that transcends soundbites, fake news stories, or ideologically homogeneous articles, for a network of those who embrace objectivity, understanding, and truth. You may be wondering about the name, which is an answer to the questions: If not here, where? If not us, who? If not now, when? It may also be interpreted as a collective plea to be heard, homophones aside: “Hear Us Now”

So, I invite you to pen an article on the state of the world. The state of our state. The state of the planet, education, civil liberties, government, immigration, homelessness, or whatever your heart desires. You, those like you, and those unlike you have all been given the same directive: To let your voice be heard. And not heard by only those in the choir, but by those on the other side of the tracks, or the aisle, or the picket line.

We’ll see where this goes, because as of now, it’s only an idea. You could be part of making this something special, something impactful, something to change the world for the better. If you are passionate about something, write about it. If something is troubling you, write about it. If you’ve been hurt and need to express the pain, or have hurt someone else and need to express the remorse, write about it. From its earliest days, writing has elevated humanity, and today, holds that same power, both personally and collectively.

Once your thoughts are penned, send them to hereusnowblog@gmail.com and please submit them under the pseudonym “_____ Jones”, such as Popeye Jones, Sunflower Jones, or Mustang Jones. Regardless of where we fall on any given spectrum, we’re all members of the same family…the Jones’. 

I look forward to your submissions and hope that this initiative can bring unlike-minded people together to shatter the echo chambers that act to divide us.

Sincerely yours,

2Pac Jones, Editor in Chief


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