The profusion of information and data have caused this. It’s pretty simple, really. In fact, it’s the most basic tenet of economic theory: supply and demand.  When a marketplace is flooded with anything, the value of that which is doing the flooding decreases. When there’s a glut of oil in US refineries, the price at the pump goes down. When the labor market is over-saturated with new workers, as it was in the 1970’s, wages fail to continue the rising action that been the norm over preceding decades. Such is the case with information, data, and facts today. Because there is so much information flying around the interwebs, one can easily find a “truth” that satisfies one’s existing disposition, making actual, objective reality (truth, as it were), essentially valueless to a growing segment of the populace. Thanks a lot, Al Gore, for inventing the stupid Internet. It just got a 4-year old orange goblin with tiny hands and a penchant for pissing contests elected to lead the free world.


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